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I've been pondering why it said nowhere in the body of the two campaign flyers I've received from Mr. Simon that he's a Republican. As some of you may have noticed, the word Republican only appears in tiny type in the return address and the "paid political advertisement" statement which both refer to the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

I was frankly puzzled when I pulled the first of these flyers out of my mailbox because I wondered who else but my candidate Loranne Ausley was running in the 3rd District. It didn't occur to me that this man Corey Simon could be a Republican because I didn't see anything saying so on the flyer.

When I got in my house, I Googled for Mr. Simon's campaign website and only then

learned that he's a Republican endorsed by Ron DeSantis. That's when I grabbed my reading glasses to take a closer look at the flyer and noticed that it does say "Republican" in the two areas I mentioned earlier. But the type is minuscule, only 2 millimeters (1/4 inch) tall. I know because I measured it!

That got me wondering why Mr. Simon would avoid stating his party or mentioning his endorsement by Ron DeSantis in the body of these mailed campaign ads which must have cost a small fortune. One would think he'd be proud of all that, don't you agree?

From: District Three state senate race heats up

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