Be respectful on beaches to humans, and turtles


I am not a fan of small-minded people, I am not a fan of folks who aren't good stewards of the Earth, I am not a fan of inconsiderate people and I am not a fan of people who I can't understand.

It seems to me that it isn't a matter of what the commissioners like or do not like, but rather the respectful thing to do for both humans and non-humans alike on our beaches! Leaving holes the size of bulldozers or leaving all your "necessary" paraphernalia is neither respectful nor considerate. If folks are unable to monitor themselves, then it is the responsibility of those in power to do it, whether or not they like turtles.
Is it truly that inconvenient to take your clutter with you? Then don't schlep it out to the beach. Incidentally the turtles were here first!
Carole Brazsky


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