Biden 'a leader who tries to reduce conflict'


In my conversations with friends who are Trump supporters, I have been most surprised at their statements that a future with Joe Biden as president will lead to the kind of havoc and mayhem occurring right now, during Trump’s presidency.

Biden has always been a leader who tries to reduce conflict. He has made many of his decisions  - often ones that I disagree with - in an attempt to avoid partisan conflict. He is a Democrat who has been most willing to work with Republicans. He even chose as his vice president the person who most roundly attacked him during the Democratic debates, because he sees opponents not as “nasty” but as valuable in making him a better leader. He will not fire the people who disagree with him, but learn from them.

Biden is a negotiator, a unifier, a man who tries to help people respect and understand each other rather than fear or hate each other. I understand that antagonism and fear-mongering are more dramatic than calm, stable leadership, but surely the pandemic, unemployment, misery, and disruptions in this country right now already provide more than enough drama. I’m ready for more civility.

Ada Long

St. George Island

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Biden 'a leader who tries to reduce conflict'


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