Community Pride


I witnessed over summer,

A community in pride and bold,

Come together in fun and learning,

Yes this I did behold:


There’s many a talent in this town,

For sure we are so blessed,

And over June many folks came out

To support and to instruct,

And our participating children

Engaged and did the rest!


Teachers from New York City,

And Florida universities and others local,

Formed and did a summer program,

And key folks and supportive companies here,

Clearly helped to make it vocal!


The intent for the youthful students,

Was to listen, laugh, and learn;

And to raise confidence and honor self

With every session and every turn.


There were fun and glorious classes

In just a month’s weeks and rehearsal time,

And the student responses and performance

Were shown to be divine!


A perfect illustration that with quality leadership,

With adults endowed with heart and talent,

And townsfolk who loved and gave at call,

That pride embraced our port city

And set example for us all!


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