County denied islanders a say on incorporation


Today I watched as Shannon Bothwell asked the Franklin County Board of Commissioners to include a non-binding referendum on next year’s primary ballot. This item would have revealed the feelings of the residents of St. George Island with regard to making St. George Island a city, like Apalachicola and Carrabelle.

Being included on the ballot would not cost Franklin County taxpayers any additional money. It was not a vote to incorporate. It would have provided our public officials with an accurate assessment of St. George Island residents feelings about the issue. If approved by the voters, it could have been introduced to the state legislature for examination for compliance with state requirements. If the non-binding referendum failed, that would be the end of the issue.

Our Board of Commissioners with an unanimous vote chose to make that choice for us. I am not speaking for or against the issue of incorporation for St. George Island. My concern is that our public officials Denied Us, the voters of St. George Island, the ability to be heard either for or against. I’d like to know why the Board of County Commissioners believe that they are better qualified to make this decision than the residents of the Island that live here every day.

Paul Riegelmayer

St. George Island


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  • Pearlewood

    Thanks, Paul. I agree with your comments. The County Commissioners' decision to not allow the non-binding referendum is mind boggling. I did not expect the same reaction that the Commission expressed years ago to the prior proposal for a non-binding referendum. By now, I actually thought some progress had been made.

    Tuesday, November 16 Report this