Democrats: Governor manufacturing ‘non-existent crisis’


The Democrats in the Florida Senate are saying that Gov. DeSantis’ proposed bill take a sledgehammer to a manufactured problem.

Senate Democrats on Monday responded to DeSantis’ latest proposal to stifle the voices of Floridians who disagree with government actions.

“The governor is attaching himself to Donald Trump’s propaganda and manufacturing a non-existent law and order crisis in Florida. It’s political fearmongering to bolster a president’s re-election bid,” said Senate Democratic Leader Audrey Gibson.

“Non-violent protest has been a critical and basic principle of this nation, and has repeatedly changed the course of history for the better,” said Senator Bobby Powell. “The governor’s proposal has nothing to do with safeguarding that right. This crackdown is just that – a government sledgehammer to permanently silence opposing voices.”

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Senator Perry Thurston, from Broward County in South Florida said “the governor could not name a single city, a single town, or a single community in Florida that was the victim of violent protests, because there has been none.

The governor is attempting to link calls for justice to calls for anarchy, without any evidence to support such a claim. This is using a problem from somewhere else to strip the liberty of people in this state to voice their constitutional right to peacefully dissent,” he said. “And it’s the latest in a long line of efforts to quash the people’s ability to demand change when the government refuses to listen.”

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Democrats: Governor manufacturing ‘non-existent crisis’


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