Letters: A C grade is average at best


I read the recent letter from Ms. Janice Martina Hicks (See ‘Our students are more than a test score,” Oct. 22 Apalachicola Times) with a great amount of amazement regarding the upcoming election for the superintendent of schools. Ms. Hicks is "blowing the bugle loud" for the current administration of Ms. Traci Moses Yoder. First, I have never met Ms. Yoder and have met Mr. Steve Lanier only twice and both briefly. (The first encounter was at our seafood festival last year and I really miss our festivals.)

Now back to business. Ms. Hicks lambastes Lanier's campaign with a really interesting litany comparing Franklin County school district with Gulf: 

  • 2016 Franklin "C" (9 percentage points away from B) / Gulf "B"
  • 2017 Franklin "C" (7 points away) / Gulf "B"
  • 2018 Franklin "C" (3 points away) / Gulf "B"
  • 2019 Franklin "C" (7 points away) /Gulf "C"

Memo to Ms. Hicks: Franklin County Schools are grading out "C,” which is average at best. Gulf is just a little better. The current superintendent in Franklin County has not delivered according to your published numbers. (I don't hear the bugle anymore!). Can you imagine a sports team with that record of "almost?” Seems to me that we need a change in leadership or we will continue to get the same results.

You conclude with "Vote-Vote-Vote your conscience" and I agree with that. But we might need to put the bugle down and vote with our brain. Maybe, just maybe, "Hope and Change" might just work this time!

Dr. Mikel Tuten


This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Letters: A C grade is average at best


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