LETTERS: China was not truthful about the coronavirus


I read the recent letter to the editor (See “‘A hodgepodge of anti-China propaganda.’”) from Mr. Ted Tripp in the Aug. 6 edition of The Times, regarding his views on China. I could not disagree more with his positions. First, I have never visited or resided in China or studied at Stanford, as has Mr. Tripp. I have also never held a rattlesnake. I have, though, watched the original Hawaii Five-O series (more on that later) and keep track on current events.

China is a problem for the USA and has been for quite some time. Mr. Tripp states that (the USA establishment wants to), "achieve regime change in China, either politically or militarily.” What? Is that not Chinese aircraft encroaching the airspace of Taiwan on a regular basis? Are the Chinese military not constructing man-made military islands in the South China Sea? How about the crackdown on Hong Kong, the problems with Huawei or TikTok? Oh, and how did it work out for the protesters in Tiananmen Square? (Answer: They got shot with real Chinese bullets!)

In regards to the coronavirus outbreak, Mr. Tripp states that, "by January the world was fully informed and China had released the genome sequence of the virus.” That is simply not true. On Jan. 14, 2020, the World Health Organization tweeted the Chinese had found no credible evidence of human-to-human transmission. The worldwide pandemic was declared approximately two months later, based on human-to-human transmission. Thank you, China. Also, during this period, the Chinese were aggressively buying personal protective equipment throughout the world. Why, would they do that, Comrade Tripp? Stating that "Americans had full knowledge of the outbreak" is just a bald face lie. Mr. Tripp further states, "our commander-in-chief was unfocused, inadequate and incompetent.” That may well be your opinion and although it sounds just like Nancy Pelosi verbatim, most of us do not agree. Mr. Trump has indeed made some mistakes, but I submit that he did and does put the welfare of our nation first.

Mr. Tripp is right on one aspect. The USA (and other western nations) pursued cheap labor and manufacturing in China. "Made in China" appears everywhere, but 20 years ago it was "Made in Japan.” Things change. China did indeed seek our technology, both openly and through government-sponsored espionage. Maybe we are waking up to the real China.

Communist China is not our friend by any means. That does not mean we should not engage them, conduct equally mutual trade, etc. But all the while, be aware that they are adversaries. They renege on treaties and trade deals. By their culture, they have enormous patience where Americans have little. We cannot "wish" them into democracy, friendship, Western business customs or common goals. China will continue to push its agenda through whatever means it finds necessary, from business or military espionage to armed actions (think Tiananmen Square).

From my perspective, I saw this on TV back in 1968. In the original episode of Hawaii Five-O, Steve McGarrett was kidnapped by the Chinese agent Wo Fat. For many TV seasons, the Chinese were always trying to steal something from the USA out of Hawaii. Thank God we had Steve McGarrett (Book him, Dan-O).

Dr. Mikel Tuten


This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: LETTERS: China was not truthful about the coronavirus


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