LETTERS: Fine for luring bear of 'no real consequence'


While horrific and sad for the dead mother bear and the unknown fate of her two cubs, the pictures in the article (See Times Aug. 13 “Alligator Point man fined for luring bear”) made me wonder what more blood could have been shed due to Mr. Saunderson's actions. His mother could have been wounded or killed, as well as the deputy who responded to the 911 call. And luring a bear into his neighborhood could have also had a dire outcome for others living nearby.

I won't try to denigrate his character or intelligence for nothing would be accomplished. However, a $100 fine seems like no real consequence for the series of events and people affected. This to me is a very serious offence. Beyond civil. Drunk driving is a crime because of the dangerous situation created. This seems similar in nature.

Caroline Weiler

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: LETTERS: Fine for luring bear of 'no real consequence'


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