Letters: This is 'a huge double standard'


n Franklin County, when a private citizen steals a car, burglarizes a motel or drives into a marsh, it is all over Facebook as soon as it happens. A lot of that can be attributed to a sheriff who is dedicated to keeping the public informed and refuses to be silenced.

If an elected official or public figure were to have an accident causing damage to parked vehicles and wasn't cited or jailed, it is most likely not discussed publicly, like it never happened.

If a person who is not running for office, nor on any campaign committee, were to discuss such an incident publicly, some will do all they can to bully that person into silence and scream libel. 

There is a huge double standard here.

Justice for one, must be justice for all. Where is the Justice in this? For too long the standards for those in Public Life have not met that bar. Friends, neighbors, citizens, what does it say about ourselves when we don’t hold those in leadership positions accountable, at least as much as we would be?

Debi Jordan

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Letters: This is 'a huge double standard'


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