Letters: 'Time to end the same old same old'


As many people who move to Apalachicola, I had visited for years. My first visit in the 90s left a lasting impression and, frankly, the chocolate mousse cake at The Owl Cafe sealed the deal that one day I Would live here. Over 20 years, moves to both Philadelphia and St. Paul, Minnesota, and one hurricane Michael later, I have transplanted from Mexico Beach to become a resident of District 3 and like many Americans I am excited for this fall’s election.

National politics is Not what I would like to discuss today, however, because who needs to beat a dead horse. The commission seat for our district is, and I am very excited for the momentum behind Brett Gormley. His ideals on oysters, housing and his commitment to the youth of our community have my critical eye on our current commissioner.

Lockley voted with other commissioners and the FWC for the five-year moratorium on the bay for oyster harvesting. While I can understand and appreciate the science behind this, he offered No Plan or idea to get our commercial workers back to work. Brett Gormley Does have a plan. An oyster cooperative to give water workers a piece of ownership, training in both farming and entrepreneurial skills, as well as a sense of pride in being able to continue to take care of their families and not rely on the long arm of the government.

Lockley seems to have No Plan on aiding working families into homeownership. Brett Gormley Does. By working with commissioners to reallocate funding that already exists within the county, and get our local workers, educators and other public servants who work hard but have to commute from out of the county or are living with family because they can't afford to exist any other way into homes of their own. Allowing families to continue to grow and build self-esteem of their own and pride in ownership is just what our district needs.

Brett Gormley, although a single parent, finds time to volunteer with youth of our community. Brett is a chef by trade and has worked with the Summer of Resilience program, sharing his passion and creating community meals with the youth at the Love Center right here in our district. Brett has also been a volunteer soccer coach leading and being a positive influence with our District 3 youth.

I just continue to read what Lockley says he has done and most everything has occurred in Eastpoint or Outside of our District.

Brett Gormley has a paper trail of committed work within our community. Now he is stepping up and taking the opportunity to give of his knowledge and leadership to Our community. To create a real home for many and maintain legacies of hard-working families so they do not have to leave what their homes and all that is familiar. Looking forward, not only his own child, but All of our children and the skills they will need for a lifetime.

It's time to end the same old same old and move forward with Brett Gormley District 3.


Sara Gillespie Albino

District 3 resident

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Letters: 'Time to end the same old same old'


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