Letters to Santa


Editor’s note: The Times this year, like more than a few families have had to do, went lean for Christmas. That was the case with Santa letters. We asked teachers in a way that tried our best to leave open a warm invitation, while downplaying the urgency and importance of actually showing up to the party. It was not expressed as a mass writing assignment, but something the newspaper would again publish, as it has for many years, were the inkwells uncapped, and the penmanship poured forth.

Turns out only one classroom submitted letters, which is quite cool when you consider it from the upside, and not the down. This was not the year for collective gatherings, for schoolkids’ Christmas programs. It was only natural there would be a downturn in extraneous subject matter, like a handwritten letter to Santa. What’s a child’s heart’s desire when there are more important things to consider?

Ms. Jamie Daniels’ third grade class at Franklin County Schools showed up. They wrote theirs out in lead pencil on lined paper, very few drawings, a few small ones, of a tree and a present. Yes, children still write letters to Santa, and they still hope for good things. May Christmas remind us of that, and a wish to Santa be the hope we believe in.

Dear Santa:

I Love You Santa. I want LOL dolls and a Coreloring book and a a light and my brother to be nice to me and can you get my brother Pokemon cards I Love to be with my family and to be with my friends and my on room.

Love Alianna Hudgins

Dear Santa,

I hop You do not git the vice and I wote for Chrismis is a omg Big siser LOLsqorlave and a coloring book and a anmaicing girl doll car and Anmaicing girl doll vet set and a doll jeep car and a bady youdonnd and mybe a phone.

Love, Madilynn Brannan

Dear Santa,

I want for Christmas a gaming computer and head phones and a white hoverboard with blue tooth. And a tablet and I wont Fake nails. And a cat and slime and shoes and a pool and a phone and a watch and a new back pack and a pretty dress. And a shirt and pants. And a ball and a air pods.

Love, Anthonella

Dear Santa

I want a Army coustume and a xbox and a iron man toy. And a new purse for my Mother.

Love, Andray Cooper

Dear Santa.

I want a Christmas meracal for every one I want a tablit and a pokemon cary case playset and a scoter and a pack of pokemon cards. And a bakoogon game for my ds and a toy trayn and toy dinosars.

Love Levi

To Santa

I want a iPhon Pro max Pls and I want a scoter.

And a new bike Pls and a Christmas meracal for my family.

Love carson

Dear Santa.

I want a lol doll and a art box ware I can put my art stuff in it giga pet and art supplies and a ps4 please and squishies thank you

Love Lilly

Dear Santa,

I want everyone to have what they want joy, this what I would like. A nintedo swich, Animal crossing, Vr headset with those hand thing, Help Wanted fnaf game, Roblox gift card, A IPhone 11. Have a merry Chismas.

Love, Emily Florumus

Dear Santa,

I whont joy to the world and greatness and love faimlays that love ech other and hugs the santa please make the world a beter place Please Santa im begim you. I want for Chrismas is agood life and no cronaviras not today cronviras We will help ech ather that’s helpful and freinship is importan because santa if someone is bulling someone you stand up for them that is being a friend

From Max

Sear Santa

I know the true meaning of Christmas. Spending time with your family praising the lord and having fun. From corbine

Ps I found our elf two times.

Love corbin

Dear Santa,

I would like a hover board, microphone, makeup kit, vanity, Iphone, Manikin head. And also Santa my brother would like a basketball goal, toys, clothes a shoes. Thanks for all you do Santa every year.

Love, Aubrianna

Dear Santa,

I want a huvorbord for Krismis reilee bad and I thanke I have ben good so pllees get me a huvbord and have a hapeenooyir!

Love, Preston

Dear Santa,

I want a came walte. I want a traind cop dog., my own room, new tv, Exbox gta fire tayrific  gold cross computer Ifone and new walkytalkees 2 culorlorty.

Love, Jackson

Dear Santa.

I Wish for

My mom to stay out of trouble, to see my Dad again for the holiday. I want to send time with my mom and Dad.

Toys I wish for ar

Rc car a Rc boat more pokemon cards some Baucueyonn cards.

Love, Waylon

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Letters to Santa


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