LETTERS: Would the real presidential candidate please stand up?


As a counterpoint to Ada Long’s letter to the editor on Sept. 10 (See “Biden ‘a leader who tries to reduce conflict’”), Biden’s supporters should be considering Who they’re electing to serve as our president, rather than what they think President Joe would do. I think anyone who believes Biden will be the president if elected is ignoring the signs of a man in his declining years. Imagine being president from the basement of the White House! If Joe was their uncle, they would all be wondering when he was going to be moved into that senior home where he can happily spend his days watching the birds. There is no chance that President Joe will be in charge on Day 2, or that he will be the president for four full years.

Who the Democrats are electing president is really deep Socialist Kamala Harris and a mysterious group of power brokers who will manage Joe (like they are now) until Kamala takes over. Kamala appears to be among the most socialist of the left. Anyone thinking they’re electing “Middle of the Road” Joe needs to pay attention. Joe’s waning state and Kamala’s record are at least some of the reason’s conservatives have little faith that the turmoil and violence will stop if Joe is elected. If you really think Kamala has all the answers and she’ll bring Americans back together, vote Biden/Harris in November, then sit back and get some popcorn. The Socialist Gong Show’s just beginning.

Tom Orban

Alligator Point

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: LETTERS: Would the real presidential candidate please stand up?


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