Panhandle Players host get-together, auditions


The Panhandle Players are swinging back into action, with an upcoming membership meeting and auditions for their first show of the season.

The membership meeting is this Sunday, Aug. 1 at 3 p.m. at the Chapman Theatre, at 155 Avenue E in Apalachicola. Come learn about the local community theatre and it upcoming season, and sign up to be a member.
The troupe will hold auditions for its opening show, “Out of Sight… Out of Murder” this Monday and Wednesday, August 2 and 4, at 6 p.m. at the Chapman Theatre.
The show, directed by Jeana Crozier, is written by Fred Carmichael, who also wrote “Any Number Can Die” which the theatre troupe performed many years ago.
A synopsis of the show, which calls for four men and five women, opens with Peter Knight grinding out a murder story in an old mansion where another author was murdered years before.
A weird electrical storm effects a cosmic snafu and his characters come to life. There's the lovely ingenue, trusty butler, feisty character woman, dauntless hero, fascinating "other woman," the always pregnant serving girl, and the wily lawyer waiting for midnight to read the will. Peter loses control of his characters and there is a murder, with Peter the intended victim. Other murders follow and the culprit is among characters who, having also worked for other authors, know a great deal about the subject.
Can Peter find the killer before the killer gets his author? Is romance with the ingenue leading anywhere? Where is the fortune mentioned in the will? All is solved ingeniously with romance, suspense and cosmic wit.
Cast of characters include:

  • Peter Knight - A writer, a good-hearted man, motivated to write the "perfect murder mystery," who later falls in love with the ingenue.
  • Minna – The housekeeper, a strong, Southern woman used to working on the farm, who is hired to help Peter. Strong comedic actress needed, should be headstrong and "act big."
  • Lydia – The Character Lady, an older, attractive woman, dressed and groomed beautifully. Sophisticated and cautious, she has a good sense of humor about her.
  • Cogburn – The typical butler, he is expressionless except when he breaks his character, which he likes to do in this show. Knows all the best wines and brandies, comes when he is rang for.
  • Kay - The ingenue, she is nice to almost a sickening point. Sees the good in everyone and wants everyone to be happy.
  • Addie – The very outgoing, voluptuous, pregnant maid. Should be played by a very comical female.
  • Fiona - The typical "character lady, " (think modern-day Nurse in "Romeo and Juliet"), who loves to sew, is not afraid to speak her mind, and a good lady at heart.
  • Dick –A combination of Dudley Do-Right and Prince William, this hero is pure, simple-minded and innocently narcissistic.
  • Jordan - The typical lawyer, suave and debonair, and also very greedy, loves his money.

No prior experience is necessary, and everyone is invited to attended. Those who audition will do a cold read from the script. Even if you don’t plan on auditioning and would like to assist in some other capacity, please come to the audition.


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