Some suggestions on how to spend TDC money


Congratulations to the TDC team and satellite members on your fundraising. The local populace is curious as to where all the bed tax monies are spent. Could we have an annual publicly printed listing of expenses and expenditures?
If your mission is truly to “show and tell” how wonderful the Forgotten Coast is, please consider the following suggestions. Yes, the new sign entering Carrabelle is attractive and the public trash cans are way overdue, but there are issues that need to be addressed with TDC money. Thorough promotion of any area involves attention to aspects that aren’t pretty or sexy.

  • Reopen Island View Park for locals/visitors. Where is the public restroom facility there?
  • Pick-up/removal of the overwhelming trash in the ditches and along U.S. 98. This nastiness makes a very poor impression!
  • Construction of a bike/walking path from Lanark to Carrabelle along U.S. 98. Both visitors and locals would use this daily. (Navarre Beach has a popular path, so we can learn from other places.) There is a viable workforce residing in the local prison that would make this financially feasible. Physical labor would improve that population’s health and morale.
  • Investment is desperately needs for a functioning Lanark/ St. James fire department. This is a major concern to all residents as well as potential homebuyers. Will it take more arson or avoidable losses of life/property before this crucial step is taken seriously?

Unseen infrastructure is frequently the foundation of any successful venture. Addressing these long-term goals will benefit everyone without negatively impacting our valuable reputation as an “eco-destination.”

Thank you for your attention to these important matters,
Lyle Stewart


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